Best WordPress free Plugins for beginner

Are you a blogger or especially people who are new in this field and do not know which plugins have to be installed after creating a blog on wordpress? You should not be upset at all because all the plugins I am going to tell about will be beneficial for you.  There will be many plugins on wordpress with the help of which you can make the site professional.

What is WordPress plugin?

Plugins are a tool that makes your work easier. You don’t need to do coding, so most bloggers use wordpress. Without WordPress plugins you will not be able to rank your site.

You will have to install several plugins.  There are thousands of plugins here which have many free plugins.  If you look at this post last, then you will know which plugins are necessary for you

WordPress Plugins list

(1)  Yoast SEO

This plugin is very good for on page seo.  Used to check the content of your blog. It is available both free and paid.  You will be able to seo your blog content very well using the free version too.

You must install yoast seo plugin as it is very beneficial for your blog and many things are done like – focus keyword, meta description, content check etc.

(2)  Akismet Anti-Spam

Akismet is a good antispam plugin, it prevents spam comments on your blog. Many bloggers comment on another blog for backlink, some of those comments can harm your blog. If your blog has this plugin installed it will stop all comments.  You will publish only the comment you want.

(3)  W3 Total Cache 

W3 Total Cache is a free plugin that speeds up your site and helps the site in seo, traffic, ranking. It is important to have speed of your site.  If your site delays opening, then visitors move to another site

(4)  TinyMCE Advanced

This is also a good plugin that you should install when you want to write a fitst time post, you will not get many features in the page editor. It is important to have speed of your site.

If you want to write posts well then install this plugin.  This plugin will get many features like – cut, paste, bulleted, tables, special characters etc.

(5)  Contact Form 7

It is a great plugin and you have to create a contact page for the blog, then you can create a contact page with the help of it, you must install it.

(6)  AMP

AMP (accelerated mobile page) is a mobile optimized plugin.  Using this, your site will open fast on mobile.  If you want fast speed of your blog or website then install this plugin.

(7)  Google Analytics

This plugin is also necessary for your blog, which shows the analytics report of a blog or website on your WordPress dashboard?

For all the information about how many visitors are present on your site, how many clicks are being made, install this plugin and it is a free plugin.

(8)  Google XML Sitemap

Google XML Sitemap is a great WordPress plugin with which you can generate sitemap of your blog. If you create xml sitemap of your site, your site ranking will increase on Google and bing and the analytics of the site will also help.

(9)  WP Optimize

It is very important to optimize the database for the performance of a blog or website. Install this plugin when your site slows down due to spam comments, database tables, post revision, trashed post. Will remove all the garbage on your site and the site will start running fast.

(10)  WPS Hide Login

With the help of this plugin you can protect your blog or website from being hacked.  When you login then you type yoursite / wp-admin which is the default address. If you want to hide like this then you install this plugin.

(11)  Smush

It is also a good plugin that is used for image optimization, the plugin reduces the quality of photos, load time on your site.

(12)  Broken Link Checker

This plugin is very important for your site, you install it.  This removes and corrects broken links in your site, which makes your site run faster.

(13)  Woo Commerce

The Woo Commerce plugin is for an e-commerce website. E-commerce is a shopping site which is quite popular. This plugin provides many features that can help you improve the look of your e-commerce site.

(14)  Cloudflare Flexible SSL

With the help of the Cloudflare flexible ssl plugin, you can keep your site secure.  If you do not have these features on your site, then you install this plugin and it has free service.

You have to create an account on cloudflare and add the nameserver of your site there, which makes HTTPS enabled on your site.

(15)  One Signal

This is a great plugin whose work is to deliver notifications. When a visitor comes to your site and comments on something, this plugin brings information to you.


I have told you through this post about many plugins that you can use. If you want to know something, then you can comment us.

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