How to create a free blog on Blogger

Creating a blog is not as difficult as it is today, just the right way is needed. All things are easily found on the Internet.  If you follow this post, you will get information about blogging and you can easily create a free blog on the blogger.

There are many blogging platforms on the Internet from where you can create your blog for free. I am telling you here on two popular blogging platforms like – blogger,

If you want to become a blogger then you should know that a self-hosted WordPress blog is better than free blogging platforms like You can get started on Blogger right now, but go with WordPress later.

Blog making guide on blogger – step by step

First of all, you have to search by writing in the browser. After coming to the blogger’s home page, you have to log in with the email ID from which you want to create a blog.


How to create a free blog on Blogger


Then select the same email id.  The option of a new blog will appear there.  You have to click on the new blog, then another page will open and fill the column of title, address, template there.

In the title column, you have to give the blog title whether your blog is being created on this topic or what is the name of your blog as my block name is – Todaygrowing, Today growing is there.

The address is the URL of your blog, the domain to be added here.  It would be better if you buy a new domain and create a blog.

You can choose any template right now.  Later you will customize the template of your choice or you will get many free good templates on the internet.  You download and install.

What to do after you have created a blog on Blogger?

Your new blog has been created, but it still has work to do.  After making a blogpost blog, it has to do some basic settings and there are many other things, whose information will be found below.

Basic Setting

  • Go to the dashboard and go into Language and Formatting and select your country’s time zone there.
  • You have to enable HTTPS, your blog comes secure.  People trust more on such a blog.
  • You will go to the dashboard where you will see the back end of your blog.  For this, go to Settings and click on Improve your blog’s visibility and change.
  • You have to enter a meta tag.  For this, you have to go to search preference and write a short decision about your blog inside the meta tag.

Add Custom Domain

Your domain in Blogger comes with a blogpost subdomain and the viewer does not trust such a blog. If you have purchased the domain then you must add it.  The domain name is your brand name.

Add Theme

When creating a blog, you will choose the default template, but it is not correct.  So you use a custom theme.

You have to go to the dashboard, click on the theme and go to the bottom.  Whatever theme you want, you will put it in your blog or if you already have any themes, then if you want to apply them, then you have to click on backup/restore. You have to apply that theme by clicking on the choose file and customize it to give a good look to your liking.

Create Post

You must create a page on your blog such as – About, Contact, Privacy Policy Disclaimer. If there is no page, then you will not get Google AdSense approval, so make a page.

Create Post

Your blog is ready.  Now you can write a post, the post should be unique and should be of quality.

If you write a simple post and publish it, then you will not get the benefit.  So to get your content rank in the search engine, write a quality post.


SEO is more important for your blog.  If you do seo, then traffic will come in your blog, this will be more income. There are two types of SEO – on page and off page

On Page SEO

  • Research the keyword in a perfect way and use the long-tail keyword.
  • You should have quality content and use keywords in it.
  • Use Proper Heading in post content.
  • Use the keyword in permalink and never change it.
  • Use images in post content and must add alt tag.

Off Page SEO

  • You have to create an account on social media related to your blog and share the post link there.
  • You have to create do follow backlink.
  • Submit your blog’s sitemap – google, yahoo, bing

Ways to earn money from a blog!

There are many ways to earn money from a blog.  You can also earn money by marketing affiliate one. Apart from this, you will earn money from sponsorship where the company will contact you.

And the next way is that ad network, if traffic is coming in your blog, then you can earn money by putting many company ads – Google Adsense,, Info link, etc.


So you learned how to make a blog on blogger.  What works are done in this and how is money made on the blog? If you want to know anything, then you can tell us by commenting.

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