How to create high quality backlinks for blog

If you want to rank on the first page of Google, then you need to create high-quality backlinks. Creating backlinks for blogs is a must for all bloggers. If you work on a blog, it is very important to get complete information about backlinks to rank the web page.

What is backlinks?

The backlink is part of SEO (search engine optimization) which improves the blog’s domain authority, search ranking. Backlinks are incoming links, which is the key metric for ranking a webpage.

A lot of pages perform better in Google because of backlinks. The higher the number of backlinks on your site, the better your site will perform in search engines.

What are the benefits of backlinks?

By creating backlinks, we promote our website in more space on the Internet, so that people and search crawlers get information about your website/blog. The search crawler improves your website ranking by getting information.

Example – Whenever a user searches related to our topic on the internet, then the search engine shows our blog post at the top in the search results. When people get information about our website, then they visit our blog/website.

How many types of backlinks?

  •   Do Follow
  •   No Follow

The search crawler can read do follow links but cannot read no follow links in which do follow backlink is given more priority.

Some websites provide us do follow link and some provide no follow link. So first it must be checked whether it is do follow link or no follow link. Keep in mind one thing, low quality backlinks cause a lot of damage to your site’s traffic and ranking.

Ways to make backlinks.

Backlinks are very beneficial for your blog, so you create backlinks. Below I have told you many ways that you can follow and make high quality backlinks.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is the best way to create quality backlinks. You can easily do do follow backlinks by posting guest on high authority blog.

The blog on which you will submit a guest post should be related to your topic and keep your post quality in mind while referring the guest post. If the website owner feels that your post is not beneficial to the user, then he will not publish your post.

Internal Linking

When you add a link to another post in your post, it is called internal linking. It connects one page on your website to another page. Internal links increase blog or website rankings and pageviews and reduce bounce rate of your blog.

External Links

When you add links to another blog in your post, it is called external linking. To rank a web page, you can add 1 external link to your site’s page which is Trusted and High Quality.

Link Juice

When a webpage links your article or homepage, it provides a link juice backlink. link juice do follow backlinks, but giving do follow backlink tag to all links has a bad effect on search engine ranking.

Social Site

There are many social media sites on which people visit more. If you share the link of your post there then people will come to your site which will increase the traffic of your website. So for high quality backlinks you can share the post link on the social media site. Social site – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Blog Commenting

When someone comments on a blog post from another blogger and he shares his post link, this blog is called commenting. When you give a link to your post on a high rank website, then only more people will see your comment.

You must first see that the website is related to your topic and if the website rank is good then share the link.


Infographics are one of the best ways to increase traffic to your website and create quality backlinks. People like to watch instead of reading. If you have an infographic on your blog, then that visitor will stay on your site for a long time.


People share problems on forums, so when you write a post on a topic, you can give a link to your post here. If someone comes to your site from this link and reads the post, then you get backlink from it and at the same time traffic to your website also increases.

Use Quora

This is a website where anyone asks or answers questions? You can give a link to your site in response to someone’s asked question.

This not only gives you backlinks but it also increases your brand awareness and encourages users to visit your site.

Use the backlink checker tool. 

There are many free tools and paid tools to check backlinks of a blog or website. You can use the free Small Seo tool to view backlinks.

SEMrush and Ahrefs are the paid tools that are best for checking backlinks as well as it has many features – Competitive Analysis, Keyword Research, Rank Tracking, Web Monitoring etc.


Have you learned what backlinks are?  Why should I create a backlink and how to create it? If you want to know something, then you can comment us.

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