What is Affiliate Marketing? How to do affiliate marketing and make money?

Today is the digital age, people want all work online.  Online shopping, marketing is going on quite a trend and people are also liking it, so people are doing business online.

If you want to do affiliate marketing and don’t know anything about affiliate marketing then you will get all the information from this post. I will explain here what is affiliate marketing and how are affiliate marketing done, how many types are there.  How can you make money from affiliate marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing

This means promoting a product – big companies or software industries offer affiliate programs to promote their product that you want to promote.

Easily understand – I am telling you about any product like mobile or any software on my blog, YouTube etc and have given that product link.  If anyone likes the product and buys the product through that link, then I will get a reduction.

What are the types of affiliate marketing?

Basically, there are two types of affiliate marketing – one is physical and the other is digital, I will tell you about it below.

Physical Affiliate Marketing

Which you can touch such as – book, mobile, TV comes, all come in physical. There is not much commission here, only 2% to 8% commission will be available. For this, you join affiliate program of shopping site like Amazon, eBay, flip kart etc.

Digital Affiliate Marketing

Software comes inside digital affiliate marketing.  This is great because you can get up to 50% commission from here.

How to start affiliate marketing?

To start affiliate marketing, you need to have a platform where you will promote the product. You should have a blog or website, YouTube channel Instagram, and other social platform Facebook etc.

There are two popular platforms for affiliate marketing – choose a Blog and a YouTube channel.

Do affiliate marketing on the blog

If you want to promote digital products (software), you can create a personal blog.  In this, write the review post from the complete details of the software you want to promote and give the product link on that post.

If you want to promote physical product (TV, table, book, gadget etc.), then there are two ways.

The first way is to select the product.  It has to tell the details review which should be unique, do not copy at all as well as give the product link.

The second way is – you can copy everything from affiliate site, never mind the price of the product and publish the final post.

Do affiliate marketing on YouTube

You have to select the product and review it.  If you want, you can buy and review the product, which will be very good and the product link has to be given in the channel description. You have to make the video good so that people will like and buy this product.

Most Popular Affiliate Network Site List

  • CJ Affiliate
  • Munch eye
  • Blue Host
  • Click Bank
  • Share A Sale
  • Amazon Associate
  • FlipKart Affiliate Program
  • eBay, etc

How to Join Affiliate Program?

You should have a platform (blog, youtube channel etc) to join the affiliate program. You can see below.

If you want to promote software, then you should go to websites like click bank, munch eye etc. and take approval for affiliate.

Join amazon affiliate program

First of all you go to the website of Amazon and below you have to go to the join affiliate program page, here you will have to create an account. You have to register by giving name, address, email id, PAN card and URL of Blog, YouTube channel etc.

Join flipkart affiliate program

Its process is almost the same.  You have to click on Flipkart Affiliate Associate and create an account by giving email id, then giving name, address, bank details etc.

Answers to some questions!

You can also use affiliate marketing as well as Ad Network on your blog and youtube channel.

Apart from blog and youtube, you can also do affiliate marketing on instagram, facebook.


You have learned about affiliate marketing, what is affiliate marketing and how it is done.  If you want to know, you can comment and tell us, and share the post with friends.

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