How to increase your website traffic – Ways to get traffic on the blog.

You have created a blog but if there is no traffic in it, then there is no use because without traffic you will not earn. Therefore traffic on the blog is very important. Every blogger needs traffic to their blog. It will not happen in 1 day, it takes time and hard work.

How to get traffic on blog.

Despite having more posts on the new blog, the traffic does not come because they do not know how to bring traffic to the blog. They just keep posting. Follow the technique that I will tell you below because I am bringing traffic from this technique to my blog. If you follow this technique, then I guarantee that traffic will definitely come to your blog.

Blog Design

First of all, I will talk about blog design which should be SEO-friendly. The design of the blog should be good and simple. For this you use a good theme, for this, you create a blog with Generatepress, Astra or Newspaper theme because its speed is fast.

You can use Generatepress Theme for free. You can customize this theme to give it the look you want.

How to make blog design SEO friendly?

  • The look of the theme should be clean and nice.
  • The theme should be mobile friendly and responsive.
  • Side bar, feature image etc should not be too much.
  • Use fast loading theme – generate press, astra etc
  • Do not show unwanted links and excessive ads on the blog at all.
  • Adding more widgets, not pop ups, to the home page.


Perfect Keyword Research

Proper keyword research is necessary for your blog post. You do not write posts on such keywords that no one searches, which will not bring traffic to your blog, and your hard work will go waste.

How to do keyword research?

  • Search keywords on Google related to the topic on which your blog is.
  • After searching the keyword, analyze that keyword and select the low competition keyword.
  • You mostly write posts on long-tail keywords, For this, you can use an LSI graph.
  • For keyword research, you can use keyword research tools – Ahrefs, SemRush etc.
  • You can use the Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest etc tool to do keyword research for free.


Create High-Quality Content

Quality content is more important for bloggers! If your content has power, that means the user who should read this post, then no one can stop you from leaving behind your competition.

How to write high-quality content for a blog?

  • Do research on the topic and get as much information as possible.
  • Write the content in short paragraphs to make it easier for the user to read.
  • Use keywords on blog posts.
  • Use headings in content – H2, H3, H4 etc.(H1 tag is the main keyword of your content)
  • Write a blog post over 600 words
  • It is not that in the matter of writing more words, the content has become boring, just the quality should be in your content.
  • Use the keyword on the permalink link and never change it.
  • Use the image on the blog post and must give alt tag in it.
  • Do interlinking, add your blog post link here.


Guest Posting

Guest posting is also a good source of traffic. You try it because it does do follow backlinks. If you do-follow backlinks, then your blog ranking will definitely increase.

You will also get traffic on the site on which you post a guest. For guest posting, write a quality post and guest post on another blog related to your topic.

What to do for guest posting?

You have to contact other bloggers who are related to your blog and ask them for guest posts.
There are many websites where you can post guests, you search them.

Social Media

Social media is a good way to get traffic on the blog. When you publish a post, you share the link of the post on social media.

  • You have to create your account on social media – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr etc.
  • If you use Facebook, create a Facebook page in the name of your blog.
  • Make a schedule for not sharing all posts on the social site simultaneously.
  • To get traffic on the blog, add the social sharing button.

Website Loading Speed Check

Loading speed is very important for the blog. The sooner your site is opened, the more the blog is good for traffic. If your blog takes time to load then the user moves to another site.

  • For the speed of the blog, optimize images on the post.
  • The loading speed of the site should not exceed 5 seconds.
  • You can use free tool to check loading speed – GTmetrix, Pingdom, Google page speed insight


Join Forums & Quora

Join the Question Answer site for your blog traffic. People share the problem that you have to answer.

You have to create an account on Quora and answer shot-related questions from your post here and also give a link to your blog post. If the user likes your answer, then that link will definitely come to your blog.


Most pro bloggers use email to get traffic on their blogs. You collect the email and send it with your blog post link on it. Whoever feels that this mail is of my use, then he will definitely see it.

  • Send an email to download a PDF of a free book or a guide and make a subscription to it.
  • Use the tool to send emails – Aweber, Mailchimp

Transform Content

This way also traffic will increase on your blog. You have to make a book, you should make a book of your blog post like ebook, paperback (PDF).

Link that book with the download button on your post and add it. Now share it on the social site. If the user needs a book, he will come to your site and download it.


How do you get traffic to the blog of this post and what to do for it? If you want to know something, then comment to us and share it with friends. Thanks!!!

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