Make Money from Data Entry job

Hello, nowadays everyone wants to make money online, everyone needs money. You cannot live your life properly without money. There is a lot of work done online, just you should have the right knowledge of that work. If you are making money online then you are a lot of yourself, because it is your wish.

There are many ways to make money online, in which data entry is also a good level. Data entry can be done both full-time and part-time. If you are a housewife, student, then you can do data entry work sitting at home part time.

Today I am going to tell you about data entry. I will give you complete information about it. If you read this post till the last, then you will understand everything easily. I have been doing data entry work for the last 3 years. So the information I will give you will be very useful for you.

What is data entry work?

Entering any data is called data entry. Understand this well – there are many things to do.  Any college, school, shop or any company is looking for a data operator. You have to enter his data like – project, details, product etc.

What are the data entry requirements?


First of all, you should know about Google docx, Google Sheet or Microsoft Office.  Especially typing of MS Excel is also required. If you want to advance your work, then you have to be an expert in all this. The more information you get, the easier it will be to work and more work will also be available.


If you want to become a professional data operator, you have to buy a computer. Without this you cannot do a lot of work. If you want to do data entry work from mobile, you can still do a little work but I would advise you to buy a computer.


You will also need a good internet connection.


The second that is important is the platform or place where you will work.

Where to do data entry work?

There are many platforms or methods for data entry work.  I am telling some offline and online work that you can easily understand. Just reading the post is not right.  You have to work hard, you must have skill and do work once.

Offline data entry work

This means working inside someone you will work as a job. Data operator job in any company, market, shop or any field and you can get work in any college, school etc.

Online Data Entry Work

It will be good to do online data entry work which you will do from home.  Here you are your own boss, you should go and work wherever you want, just have an internet connection and a computer.

A lot of work will be found in this field – there are many freelancing websites, social media platforms where you will work.

Do data entry on freelancing website.

You can build your career on the freelancing website.  A lot of work is done here every day.  People are making a lot of money from freelancing especially in Bangladesh, India Pakistan, us and many other countries.

Freelancing Websites List

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer
  • Guru
  • Peopleperhour
  • Truelancer
  • Toptal

Data Entry work on Fiverr is a very good freelancing website because it is absolutely free. Almost all the work is done – you have to create an account here, then make a gig on fiverr like a portfolio.

Data Entry work on Upwork

It is the largest freelancing website where all work is done.  For this you need an email, make its portfolio right where you will tell about your work in details. If you succeed once here, then there is no need to look back.

In this post you will know what is the data entry and where is its work done.  If you want to know more, you can comment and tell us, and share the post with friends.

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