How to start a blog on WordPress? Create WordPress blog.

If you want to create a blog on WordPress and you do not have any information then I have told you through this post how you will create a WordPress blog.  What things will be needed for this

You can create both free and paid blogs on WordPress. If you want to become a professional blogger then you can make a paid blog on WordPress because it gives you full customize.  Here you will find many plugins, with the help of which you can make the look of your blog quite good.

What is needed to create a blog on WordPress? 

The cost of creating a self-hosted WordPress blog is according to your requirement and I will recommit you that in the beginning, you can make a blog on a low budget and later you can spend more money on your blog.

Step (1)  Buy Domain Name

To create a blog on wordpress, first of all you need a domain name.  The domain is the URL (name) of your blog.  You can buy domain godaddy, bigrock, namecheap etc, from anywhere.

I am telling you to buy the domain from Godaddy.  If you want to buy a domain from another site, you can buy it.

First, you go to Godaddy site and then search your domain name on the search bar.  Now for how many years do you want to take the domain, select. If a .com domain is already taken, you can take a .net, .org domain.

Here you have to create a Godaddy account.  If you have created an account earlier, then you can login with it and keep your ID and password, you can also use it later. You can use a credit card, debit card, net banking or PayPal account to make a payment.

Step (2)  Buy Hosting

You have purchased the domain.  Now you have to buy hosting.  Before buying hosting, a new blogger should know what hosting is.  What services does the hosting company provide?

Each hosting company provides hosting in different features and prices. If you are on this post, don’t worry, on this post, I will tell you which web hosting would be good for a new blogger.

What is Hosting

Hosting means storing the website’s page, image, file, ETC in one place on the Internet, then accessing your content on the Internet or that runs your blog on the Internet.

There are many types of hosting such as web hosting, wordpress hosting, shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting. Shared hosting is the best for a blogger and it costs less, but if you want more traffic to your blog then you can buy cloud hosting.

You choose a web hosting company that has good customer support and rank quickly.  You buy hosting – bluehost, greengeek, siteground etc. I will tell you by purchasing hosting from Siteground. It is a very good company. You can host from any hosting company. The process of buying everything is the same

Buy Hosting from Siteground

You have to search by writing a siteground in Google and you have to select the hosting which hosting to buy?


How to start a blog on WordPress? create WordPress blog.


I am buying a growbig plan of web hosting here which has all these features – unlimited limited website, unlimited traffic, 25000 visitors monthly, 20 GB webspace, free SSL, daily backup, managed wordpress, free CDN, free email, unlimited database.


How to start a blog on WordPress? create WordPress blog.


You have to enter your blog domain.  If you have purchased a domain first, then you have to click on above and already have a domain. If you want to get a domain from here, you have to click on Register a new domain above and type the domain on your domain and you have to select .com, .net from the dropdown menu.

How to start a blog on WordPress? create WordPress blog.


Now here you have to feel all the information and go on the billing cycle, you have to take the number of days you want to plan.


How to start a blog on WordPress? create WordPress blog.


If you take a longer plan, then the money will be less.  His user name, security pin is also to be entered.  You can make a payment through debit card, net banking or paypal account.

Step (3)  Connect Domain with Hosting Server

You have purchased domains and hosting to create a blog on WordPress.  After that the domain has to connect with the hosting server.

To connect the domain with the hosting server, first you have to login to the hosting company’s account, then the domain is also logged into the account. Then check your hosting purchase details.

You will see Nameserver 1 and Nameserver 2 on which you copy Nameserver 1 and then login to the site from where you bought the domain. Click manage domain and click on your domain’s DNS.

Select on your name server type and then paste your hosting nameserver on the nameservers that you copied. Paste nameserver 2 in exactly the same way.  Now click on the final save button.

Step (4)  Install WordPress

You can install WordPress after connecting the domain with the hosting nameservers.  For this, you have to search your blog with domain name by typing “/” and cpanel.  Such as

You have to login here by entering the user name and password.  Now you can see the cPanel.  To go down there is to click on WordPress. And click on Install Now.

After that something will come for filling where ssl certificate, HTTP / HTTPS is to be put in the choose protocol.  In the box of choose domain, type the domain name and select the site name, short description, username, password and then install the theme.

Your blog is ready, but the work is still to be done.  Now you have to do some important setup which will make your blog professional.  In this, you have to delete some things and add some things.

First of all, you have to log in to your blog, type on the browser to log in and login by entering your user name, password.

Basic Setting

  • You have to go to Dashboard> Appearance> Theme.  From here you can change the theme or apply whatever theme you want to apply.
  • You will find some extra sample pages, posts or comments on WordPress that you will have to delete.
  • Setup Permalink
  • Select Timezone

Step (5)  Add Plugins

After creating a blog on WordPress it is very important to add some plugins which is helpful for your blog.  For that you have to go to the dashboard, go to the plugin, search and install the plugin there and then activate it.

  • Yoast SEO – With this plugin you can make your blog such SEO friendly for free.  With this plugin you can verify your blog on Google search console, bing and generate sitemap.
  • Contact Form 7-  With the help of this plugin you can create your contact page.
  • Akismet –  Blog spam prevents comments, so you can approve blog post related comments and delete other comments.
  • W3 Total Cache – When visitors come to the blog, you open your page repeatedly and it slows down the loading speed of the blog but with the help of this plugin you can reduce the loading time of the blog.

Create Post and Page

Now you can write a post.  For that you have to go to the dashboard, click on the new post but before writing the post you have to create the page.  If you do not create this page, you will not get Google AdSense approval.  about, contact, privacy policy.


Finally, now you do SEO for blog post, seo is more important for your blog.  If you create a blog and do not seo, then there is no use.

  • You have to write the post only by doing keyword research in the right way.
  • You mostly use the long-tail keyword.
  • Write quality content on your blog post and do not copy from anyone.
  • Do use the keyword in your blog post, title, main heading, paragraph.
  • You have to use Proper Heading.
  • Insert a meta description in a blog post and use the keyword tag.
  • Use the photo in the post and give the keyword in alt tag.


You will go to this post on how a blog is created on WordPress and what are the things needed for it.  If you want to know something, let us know and you can share the post with friends.

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