What is Google AMP? How to setup Google AMP and what are its benefits?

If you are a WordPress user then you should know Google AMP. Why would you have internet access on your mobile then you must have noticed that the symbol of AMP is present below many websites, which is like an electric light.

Many people use Google AMP on their blog or website because it increases their site’s ranking. In this post, you will get complete information about it. What is google AMP? How to setup Google AMP and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

What is Google AMP

Google is the AMP framework, with the help of which your site opens fast on mobile. Those who have more mobile traffic on their site, they can install this software as it is designed for mobile usage only, which is web-friendly mobile friendly.

Especially the traffic of Hindi blog comes more than mobile.  Those people can use it when this plugin is installed in a site.  Apart from all his canonical pages, he creates a separate AMP page and if a mobile user opens that page then opens the AMP page instead of the canonical page?

AMP opens web page fast.  AMP has HTML, JavaScript, Cache Libraries which makes any site user specific and accelerates the load time.

How does Google AMP work on a website?

If a site is enabled in AMP, then its site page content is stored in the googled AMP Cache file.  When a user visits the site in the AMP version, it shows the store data in cache.

When a site is made an AMP, a link to the html page is created inside the source code of the standard page of the website, which makes the site’s page quickly in the eyes of web crawlers.

Google’s technic is beneficial for seo because it makes the page load faster.  It searches web page faster than normal page and thus the organic traffic will also increase more.

What are the benefits of Google AMP?

  • Speeds up the loading time of a blog or website.
  • Your site’s server increases performance.
  • Google can also set up auto ads in AMP.
  • The mobile user of your site helps in surfing.

Disadvantages of Google AMP!

  • With the help of Cache, the performance of the website is increased, but it also gives negative effects for the AMP use site.
  • This reduces the advertisement revenue.
  • Those with an e-commerce site should not use it because such sites have more ads.

How to setup Google AMP?

If you want to setup Google AMP then you can.  It is easy to setup.  Look below and follow.  Here I have mentioned for the WordPress user.

Install & Activate AMP Plugin

The first thing you need to do is visit your site.  The AMP plugin has to be installed by searching and then activating it.

Customize AMP

You activated it.  You can customize it according to your own needs.  You can give the look of the mobile as you want.


You can put your Google Adsense aids in Ads option.  Adsense code not installed.  Within this, all you have to do is give the pub id and data ad slot id of the AdSense account.

When you copy Adsense Ads then paste that ads in notepad and right here you will get pub id and data ad slot id.

Finally, you can open the AMP site by placing an AMP in front of any URL in your mobile.

Answers to Google AMP Questions!

Does Google AMP increase website ranking?

Using it definitely makes ranking.  But there are also sites that do not use it and that also ranks on the first page.

What type of website should Google AMP use?

Use it especially on a site where most content is published.

Which type of website should not use Google AMP?

People who have affiliate website and e-commerce website should not use it.

Is Google AMP use to earn money from Ad Network?


What is the full form of AMP?

Full form of AMP – Accelerated Mobile Page.

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