What is Instagram Marketing – How to do Instagram marketing 

Today, Instagram is a great platform where you can make money or do business online. Instagram is a social platform where there are billion active users and it gives good facility to promote business so that people can promote their business easily.

Most Instagram users use mobiles and especially professionals use Instagram which is an influencer. If you want to know everything about Instagram marketing, then check this post till the last.

What is Instagram

Instagram is a photo sharing application that runs on both mobile and computer.  Today, Instagram has become a popular social media photo sharing, video sharing app. Here you will put your photo, video etc.

How to do Instagram Marketing – step by step guide

I have explained about Instagram marketing below. If you follow him, you will definitely be successful.

Select Topic

First, you select a topic. Here you can create an account with your own name or you can choose a product. After creating an account, you have to convert that account into a business account.

Optimize Profile

Now you have to optimize your Instagram profile – write BIO properly, you put your skills etc in it and put the right photo in the profile. Whenever you post, you must use Hashtag in it.

Grow Account

To make your account grow, always be active, upload regular posts and also reply to the message so that the follower will increase, and the post will remain engaged.

Add Story

Put a story on instagram, create a video that is real and unique, as it will make your account grow quickly.

Ways to make money from Instagram?

If your Instagram account becomes popular then there are many ways to earn money!  People who are Instagram influencers earn in lakhs, they just have to promote the product.

Paid Promotion

Here you can connect with a brand.  If you have million followers in your account, then there is a guarantee that many companies will definitely contact you for their brand.


A good way to earn money, many companies will contact you for promotion of your product, which will also give money along with the product.

Sell Your Own Product

If you have a business of your own, then you must create an Instagram account and promote your product here.  Take a photo of that product, or share the make video with a link after that?

Affiliate Marketing

The best way is affiliate marketing, do not take tension at all here because even if the account is not growing, that is, followers will be less. You can also promote the product through paid promotion here.

You can join many company’s affiliate programs like – Amazon, eBay Flipkart, Share A Sale etc. and share the link of its product in your account.  If the product is sold then you will get commission.


I told you on this post what is Instagram? How is Instagram marketing done and how to make money? If you want to know something, then you can comment us. Thanks

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